Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers  Wed March 19, 2003  7:00pm
Tonight's game was crucial to the Celtics, especially following their loss to the Nets the previous night.  I was expecting the C's to come out with fire in their eyes, and determined to overrun the Pacers.

Then, the game started.  The Celtics biggest--and only--advantage came in the first minute of the game when they had their only lead and Ron Artest had picked up a flagrant just five seconds after the game started.

As to the rest of this lopsided loss, the C's put up about as much resistance as the 17 Iraqui troops that surrendered several hours before the President's deadline to Saddam Hussein.  There's little point in a detailed review of the game for Celtics fans, since the Celtics frankly accomplished nearly nothing, save avoiding tying their lowest point total of the season with less than two minutes left in the game.

Yes, it was that bad.

I was prepared to cut Pierce some slack after hearing he'd injured his foot last night.  But the whole team shot the ball like they'd never heard of the game before.  Bill Walton suggested that the C's put in Tom Heinsohn and Cedric Maxwell, as they didn't have anything better to do tonight.  Would that they had, it might actually have helped.

The C's only played something resembling defense for the first part of the third quarter, but that evaporated quickly.  Their shooting was so bad that the rim was the safest place for fans to sit.  This hasn't happened much since the days of Rick Pitino, but the C's embarassed themselves, their fans, and the game in general.  There was no discernable excuse for their play in this game, and I sincerely hope it's not repeated ever again.

Friday, the Lakers.  The C's have that long to get their stuff together.  God help them.

And that's the view from the doghouse.